Time Flies!

Whew! Is it November already!? My! Time sure has been flying right by! Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas, then New Years! Let me just take a moment to pause and let the stress settle in…***… okay, now I’m stressing! The salon has been busting with energy these last couple of weeks and blogging hasn’t been a top priority! And for that I apologize.

Now, Time to play a game I like to call ‘catch-up’. Let’s start with the newest bit first… We have two new certified Eufora educators in our midst!! Our very own Dylan and Seanie! They’ve been showing some interest in becoming educators for the line for awhile now and they finally got the chance to take the next step and go to boot camp! Dylan and Seanie went to San Diego California over the last weekend to attend a 3-day boot camp, where they learned all the in’s and out’s, and tips and tricks to becoming a great teacher.

When they finally got back they were filled to the brim with knowledge they couldn’t wait to share with us all, and we listened with open ears and eager minds! By the sounds of it they and an amazing time in California and can’t wait to start teaching other salons in the area all the fabulous reasons they need to carry Eufora, and believe me when i say there are a LOT of reason why they should!

All of us here at the salon are immensely proud of the two of them and we cant wait to see where this will take them! Go get ’em girls!

Ta ta for now!